Lottomart Affiliates request that you review the following information regularly so that you are fully up to date with our marketing guidelines and any great new additions we have to our content.

Affiliate marketing is an important vertical in the marketing of an online gaming platform. At Lottomart we recognise this and look to provide our partners with all the tools required, to market us in an efficient way. In return we appreciate adherence to our guidelines – this is to prevent damages to our reputation, financial penalties and potentially the removal of our licenses.

We insist you are aware of the following procedures, which must be adhered to when carrying out the marketing of our brand.

Gambling advertising must be undertaken in a socially responsible manner and in compliance with the CAP and BCAP Codes issued by the ASA. For further information, see:




Social Media marketing (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), must use the age-screening function where applicable. If uploading videos to YouTube, the Age Restriction option needs to be selected. 18+ symbol should be prominent on all social media accounts you are using to promote Lottomart. Further information can be found here:

Advertising undertaken should not have “particular appeal” to or intentionally target those under the age of 18. The ASA advises “particular appeal” includes the use of cartoons or characters from children’s TV, nursery rhymes and fairy tales. Also, the use of colourful and exaggerated cartoon style graphics is prohibited under “particular appeal”. Further information can be found here:

Lottomart requires you to include an 18+ symbol whenever promoting our brand. It is a criminal offence to invite a person under 18 to gamble. Any communications but not include a child or young person (under 18). Further to this, no person who is, or looks under 25 may be featured in gambling or playing a significant role in any marketing communication. Under 25s must also not feature in social media.

Any communication marketing our offers must not be misleading – especially those offering free bets or bonuses. Significant terms but be displayed prominently in the main body of your adverts. Any restrictions around deposits, wagering, restricted odds or games, withdrawals and eligibility are some examples of significant terms. With limited space, these terms should be visible within one click of your advert on our website.

Our brand should not be promoted on websites providing unauthorised access to copyrighted content (e.g. Streaming sites).

When marketing by phone, e-mail, or text steps must be taken to ensure that a person has consented to market for that specific purpose. This consent must be given freely, be specific, informed and clear. It is a requirement to keep proof of consent. This consent must be kept in line with the General Data Protection Regulation that came into effect on 25th May 2018.

We are responsible for all actions of our affiliates. This is under the UKGC’s License Codes and Conditions of Practice, we must be able to terminate an agreement with an affiliate immediately if the affiliate breaches the LLCP the IGRG code and/or CAP/BCAP Codes. We take this opportunity to politely remind you, that as per our T&Cs we can terminate our agreement with you, should your marketing activity not be compliant.

The list above is not exhaustive, and we accept that it is not feasible for us to audit all advertising material being used to ensure we are compliant with the requirements outlined above. We have tried to set out the significant issues, we insist that these are at the forefront of your mind when promoting our brand – and highlight our expectations of you as a valued partner, the list above however is not exhaustive.

Should you have any further questions, please visit our Terms & Conditions page, or contact us at

None of the information or recommendations provided above, in any emails or other correspondence from us is exhaustive, nor does it constitute legal advice.

Our recommendation is that you seek independent legal advice, this will help you to ensure that your advertising material is compliant with data protection legislation as well as the codes outlined above.